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Alongside the small group support, Exercise Behaviour provides whole school behaviour models to support behaviour across the school.


The Exercise Behaviour scale which is used to deliver the small group intervention is customised to fit with your existing behaviour and achievement systems, policies and language used within the classroom. 


Following the behaviour scale being introduced to staff and students through staff training, school assemblies and presentations, the resources are embedded within the school to support behaviour within the class and provide a unique approach for students to understand behaviour.   ​

The Whole school model provides results on a whole school level, and also supports students completing the small group support sessions to transfer the understanding from the sessions to within a classroom setting. The resources can also be embedded in other areas of the school such as Physical Education, Art and literacy and numeracy through teaching topics through the concept. 


For details on the small group support, and for more information on whole school models, please click the buttons below...

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