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Pete Thompson

Following suffering with depression, and a previous life of mistakes and negative attitude, Pete has been on a journey to promote fitness, health, motivation and positive behaviour since 2012.


As the creator of 'Exercise Behaviour' a multi-sport behaviour intervention which takes children on a journey of discovery about thier own behaviour, Pete believes in positive change for young people. Pete is also the founder of 'Skip Beatz', an organisation that promotes health and fitness through speed skipping to music!


Pete aka 'Skip Beatz' is a world skipping record holder and is travelling across the UK and World to deliver 'Exercise Behaviour' and 'Skip Beatz'. 

Read the blog pieces about Pete's life before exercise behaviour, how exercise behaviour was created and the whole school model!

Watch the  video below filmed by BBC in January 2018 for incite to 'Exercise Behaviour and 'Skip Beatz'. Click to the logos below to visit and

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