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The small group support begins with Exercise Behaviour creating on online account for your school or educational establishment. The online system is customised to your existing behaviour and achievement system and is used to record information related to the student's behaviour and achievement.  Student accounts enable target setting to take place, with targets emailed directly to staff live in the sessions. 


For details on the online system, and for more information on small group support, please click the buttons below...

The small group support is designed to support 1 - 5 students within each group. The programme is designed for students who require additional support with behaviour and is aimed to reduce behaviour incidents, increase rewards and improve relationships.


Typically the programme lasts 10 weeks, consisting of 10 x 1 hour weekly sessions. The length of the programme and sessions can be customised to meet the needs of your students and the school environment. 


Yearly intervention can also be provided across the academic year to support a higher number of students within the small group support.

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